Not-so final Final Submission? December 2, 2015

So the bluetooth-driven code works for the part of the skirt I have done, but the physical connections on the skirt are so finicky that I haven’t been able to test the accelerometer.  I need to find a less finicky way of connecting the lights, because conductive thread (even now that it’s insulated with tape) just doesn’t seem to want to work.

I jerry rigged the flora, bluetooth, and accelerometer onto the skirt with safety pins so it’s one unit that doesn’t need computer connection to work and they are pretty much where I plan to actually sew them on. when I have time.

In theory my code should work, and it does before you add the accelerometer.  I broke the code into three parts: The final code with the bluetooth and accelerometer, one code for bluetooth by itself, and one code for accelerometer by itself (to test without dependence on bluetooth).

The final code has the brightness driven by the accelerometer and the color driven by bluetooth.  Unfortunately if you move the skirt the lights freak out and generally don’t work, so this code is not testable currently.