Boogy Woogy, more like booger wooger November 16, 2015

I came down with an illness last Wednesday, got better on Thursday and Friday, and then got a cold on Saturday and Sunday. My nose became a fountain and I slept 80% of the weekend, which is when I planned to get cracking on my skirt. Excuses aside, I got a lot less done than I expected to this week.

I have 19 out of 79 lights sewn, but all 79 lights are pinned so that’s good.  My basic code lights the skirt up, but the accelerometer is not sewn or coded so it does not control anything yet.  I’m hoping to get to that ASAP.  My sewing has gotten faster as I’ve gone along and figured things out, and since I got an embroidery circle to stretch the fabric.

The conductive thread cannot touch any other thread in order to light up, so it’s hard to test without laying the skirt out entirely.  I’m not sure what this will do when I wear it, I may have to put a backing on the thread to avoid contact while swishing.

Pinned lightsFullSizeRender(2)

Lighting up the first few lightsFullSizeRender(1)