It’s electric…. boogy woogy woogy November 1, 2015

For my final I am going to make a skirt that lights up in different ways depending on how you move.
If you spin fast enough the lights will all light up. If you swish, they’ll twinkle. There will be a bluetooth connection that allows you to change the color manually. I want to add more functionality than that, but for now that’s my starting point.
I also want to have different modes, so you can have them change color as you spin or swish depending on the setting. I am going to set up a soft potentiometer from adafruit on a chain with the accelerometer so I can set modes that way.

I have an adafruit flora, which is a sewable arduino, and sewable smart neopixels also from adafruit that are chainable. I am soon to be receiving a bluetooth module for the flora that will allow me to connect to the flora from my computer via bluetooth and change the colors of the lights via a phone app. The accelerometer/magnometer I used for the fortune teller project is the same one I will sew to the edge of the skirt to detect motions.

I will have approximately 84 neopixels to work with, and the main consideration now is how to chain them together; what pattern will I sew them in, how many pins will I use on the arduino, etc.

Week 10:
Monday- skirt design, light layout, begin code
Wednesday- work on code, start pinning lights
Friday- more parts get in

Week 11-
Monday- Start sewing, code light chain(s)
Wednesday- Keep sewing, finish light coding

Week 12-
Monday- Keep sewing, code accelerometer
Wednesday- Keep sewing, finish accelerometer coding

Week 13-
Monday- Finalize
Wednesday- Look pretty