Assignment 7 – Cruella de Vil beginnings

For the final project, I am modeling a version of Cruella de Vil from the book/movies 101 Dalmatians.

Her response to “where did it all go wrong” will be, “I only wished to have a coat made out of puppies! I mean honestly, what’s so wrong with that?”  (I timed it out at about 8.5 seconds).




New hairstyle reference options (It will still be half white and half black, as per the book description, I haven’t decided on the styling yet):

2014-Short-Hair-Trends_5 Carmen-Electra-Face-Profile-Earrings-Celebrity-HD-Wallpaper Chelsea-Kane’s-Short-Hairstyle




Facial reference to start with, will be made pointier when refined:

beautiful-profile-face-young-woman-clean-fresh-skin-40988715 healthy-face-beautiful-woman-front-portrait-beauty-isolated-38923517

My first pass of modeling with no textures looks kind of lumpy without ears or hair, but the general shape is there:

firstPassFinal firstPassFinalLines



The next step is to add ears and refine the eyes, lips and nose. I also need to build the inside of the mouth and tongue. I am happy with the teeth, they are not shown because they are in position in the mouth for a relaxed neutral jaw pose.


All images except for the models were found through google image searches, mostly for ” Curella de Vil,”  “modern hairstyles,” and “resting bitchface” (because I didn’t want a happy looking neutral)

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