Assignment 12

This past week has been really rough so I’m not as far along as I’d like to be:

Animation is going well, I need to smooth some of the blendshapes so it flows better.

I’m having issues with the hair and I still need to texture the head, but I’m focusing on animation first.

I have some tests of my lighting setup done, I haven’t tried it with the hair shadows yet.



Assignment 11

Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to capture most of my progress due to a crisis last night, but I have been working on it- I can upload a playblast tomorrow or Wednesday.

The basic chin movement is blocked and the tweak cluster weights are painted pretty well, the next step is refining lip motion to say the words.

(picture for dramatic flair)

Screenshot from 2015-04-20 12:43:36

Assignment 9

Final-ish recording. Might add a sigh at the beginning?

How is the inflection and the speed for clarity?


Modeling-wise I added the inside of the mouth and positioned the teeth.

I’ve decided to go with nCloth-driven hair, but I’ll set that up near the end so I definitely have time to refine the rig and animation before focusing on that.

Rig so far with some poses:

I UV’d the head and neck, but can’t figure out if there’s a simpler way of relaxing the mouth than to move it point-by-point.¬† Does that even matter if I’m using Mari to texture?